Extracurricular activities

Agora International School Madrid offers a complete programme of extracurricular activities which enable our students to develop new skills, improve established talents and abilities and complement the work undertaken within the mainstream curriculum. Our students get the opportunity to participate in activities such as sports, languages, fine arts, theatre, music, robotics or can devise study programmes tailored to meet their individual needs. Participation in the extracurricular programmes enables our students to continue learning in a more relaxed and informal environment and to have fun with their friends and classmates.

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International Baccalaureate (IB)

Agora International School Madrid is an IB World School, authorised to teach the International Baccalaureate. The IB is a leading international diploma which is accepted as an entry qualification by the most prestigious universities from around the world. The IB diploma offers a broad and comprehensive pre-university education, which is designed to stimulate a positive attitude towards learning and an open and international mindset. Students who follow IB courses become thoughtful, motivated, confident and open-minded young men and women, thoroughly prepared to take their places within the global community.

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A year at Stonar

Stonar School is one of the UK’s top private schools and has been providing a quality education to its pupils for over 120 years. The school is built on a 32-hectare private estate in Wiltshire and is part of the NACE Schools Group. Pupils from Agora International School Madrid are given the opportunity to study for a term, two terms or an entire academic year at Stonar, and are able to reap the significant benefits of full linguistic immersion, exceptional study and recreational programmes and the chance to make life-long international friendships.

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NACE Events

Students from Agora International School Madrid are invited to participate in events organised by the NACE Group. Thanks to NACE’s extensive network of schools world-wide, these events involve students from over 50 countries coming together to celebrate their skills and compete in sporting, artistic, musical or academic events. NACE events and activities provide a unique opportunity for students to practise their English, demonstrate their skills, make new friends, and develop values such as tolerance, respect, cooperation and cultural awareness.

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Agora International School Madrid

Agora International School Madrid

Agora International School Madrid is a private international school that forms part of the highly-renowned education group, NACE Schools. The school is located on the beautiful El Bosque estate in Villaviciosa de Odón to the west of Madrid and our curriculum is designed to facilitate linguistic immersion, particularly in English, but with opportunities to study a range of modern languages. Our senior pupils work towards the Spanish National and the International Baccalaureates, and we have a 100% pass rate for both the Spanish University Entrance Examinations and the Cambridge and Trinity English Examinations.  The school offers a broad and balanced curriculum, with a particular emphasis on co-curricular subjects such as Music, Sports and the Arts, designed to help each of our students achieve their full academic and personal potential.

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Agora International School Madrid - Our Campus

Agora International School Madrid is located in a quiet residential area, surrounded by trees and with views towards the mountains. Our excellent facilities are purpose-built to provide for the changing needs of our students at each stage of their education and are designed to create a calm and positive environment for both study and recreation. Agora International School Madrid incorporates an official Music School and has great sporting facilities, including an AstroTurf soccer pitch, a gymnasium and a fully equipped sports centre with basketball, handball, volleyball and tennis courts.

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News / Blog

PISA Tests 2018

Agora International School Madrid has achieved excellent results in the PISA Tests (The Programme for International Student Assessment). The School has obtained a score well above the Spanish average, beating even Singapore, the leading country in the last PISA Report. Until May 31st, Spanish schools are carrying out the official tests to update the next […]

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New school year 2017-2018

This is going to be a very special year at Agora International School Madrid. Eva Ponte takes charge of the school, after having held various leadership roles here. She leads a fantastic and very motivated teaching and staff team. The new headteacher is very excited about this challenge and notes, “My experience in educational change, […]

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Music education

Music is a universal language which all human beings possess and understand without needing to study it. We use it to express ourselves and communicate, and it can cause us to feel a range of emotions and feelings. At NACE Schools (Agora International Schools, St George’s and Areteia in Spain, EIB Paris in France, and Stonar in the United Kingdom), […]

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PISA tests 2017

Agora International School Madrid achieved results that significantly exceeded the average results for Spanish schools and those of Japan, the highest country in the world ranking. The school’s results in Reading and Mathematics were outstanding.   Ágora International School Madrid achieved fantastic results in the Program for the International Assessment of Students (PISA) tests, far […]

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