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A musical education at Agora International School Madrid: Music to refine the mind

A musical education contributes to all-round personal development and enables students to explore and improve their creative and musical talents. The school offers both individual and group music lessons and the opportunity for students to play and perform together.

Music is an integral part of the curriculum from Infant to Pre-University and students learn at least one musical instrument to a level which will allow them to continue to study music at a higher level should they choose to do so. Musical training has enormous cognitive, emotional and social benefits, and promotes values ​​such as discipline, perseverance, sensitivity and attention to detail.

All students learn to play the violin during school time and can choose to continue their musical studies during extracurricular sessions where they can perfect their practical skills and improve performance and interpretation. Our music teachers are extremely experienced professionals who support and guide the students towards achieving their maximum potential. Voice coaching is also available for those students who wish to improve their singing and to learn to perform confidently in public.

Students who choose to study music to a higher level are able to work with tutors from the Agora International-Fabordón Conservatory and can obtain an Elementary Music Diploma. In addition to providing a structured official musical education for students aged from 8 years upwards, the Conservatory also offers classes to children aged three and above and adult classes for those grownups who wish to take up a new hobby or polish up old skills!

The Music School is certified as an official Trinity College London Examinations Centre, also incorporating the Trinity Rock & Pop Fabordón, which are ground-breaking Trinity examinations for Bass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards and Voice. This enables rock and pop musicians to obtain the Trinity College London qualifications and official recognition of their skills in the rock and pop genre.


«Empecé en la Escuela Agora International-Fabordón a los cuatro años, fue genial y aprendí muchísimo. Ahora he acabado los estudios profesionales y me preparo para la prueba de ingreso en el conservatorio superior.»

Darío Ruiz

Alumno de 2º Bachillerato

«Desarrollar una educación musical adecuada, nutritiva e intencionada desde la infancia, proporciona un mayor desarrollo neuronal que permita al alumno optar a un mejor progreso integral y a desarrollar la inteligencia y la autoestima. Es, sin duda, el mejor complemento en la formación de nuestros hijos.»

Mª Isabel López Calzada.

Directora del Conservatorio de Música Agora Fabordón

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