A letter from the Headmistress

Dear families,

As Headmistress, on behalf of our school and the NACE Group as whole, I warmly welcome you to Agora International School Madrid. I am privileged to lead a team of outstanding professionals who are dedicated to enabling your children to fulfil, not only their academic potential, but also to help them to grow as human beings.

With the active and ever-present support of the NACE Group, our focus as a school is on providing a proactive learning environment in which each of our students is given the opportunity to achieve the highest academic standards and to access an exciting and fulfilling international educational experience.

My own personal experiences of working in education for many years in various parts of the world has reinforced my belief that one of the primary responsibilities of educators today is to prepare our children for a global future; at Agora International Madrid our focus on bilingualism and the diversity and richness of our school community, curricular and extracurricular programmes, helps us to achieve this goal.

We always have one eye on the future, but daily life at Agora International School Madrid attends to our belief that values such as tolerance, compassion and acceptance of diversity should form a fundamental part of every child’s education; we believe that these values provide a strong foundation for personal, social, academic and professional success.

At Agora International School Madrid our excellent teaching staff, outstanding facilities and innovative education programme ensure our commitment to giving your child the best opportunities to achieve academic excellence and to establish the personal skills and confidence to take their place successfully within the global community. With the support of the NACE Schools Group we continue to strengthen international friendships, offer a range of internationally recognised qualifications and provide access to the best universities around the world.

We work to ensure that each individual pupil is guided and supported along their educational journey, encouraging our students to become proactive and independent thinkers, able to make informed and positive choices about their own futures.

We look forward to working with you and your children in the coming academic year.

Yours sincerely,

Eva Ponte

Headmistress – Agora International School Madrid

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