Summer Camp

Agora International School Madrid offers a wide range of activities and services during the summer months including sports, music, English, arts, dance, robotics, videogame programming, themed activities and much, much more. … Download the brochure providing details of the activities on offer, schedules and available age groups, and choose a summer programme that will keep your child active, happy and having a great time with their friends over the long summer holidays!

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Computer programming and Robotics

The computer programming and robotics activities use cutting-edge equipment, the most advanced techniques and explore the most innovative topics in technology today, such as drone programming and flight planning. These courses are designed to explore new technologies and have fun; exciting, innovative and a great opportunity to stay ahead of the technological game!


School of Performing Arts Sing and Dance Project Víctor Ullate Roche

The School of Performing Arts Sing and Dance Project Víctor Ullate Roche focuses on delivering classes in Dance, Musical Theatre and the Dramatic Arts and is run by Víctor Ullate Roche, the director of this unique private, professional dance and dramatic arts academy.


Agora International-Fabordón Music School

Learn an instrument, take up percussion, guitar or clarinet, play in a group or orchestra, learn to improvise like a pro!! At Agora’s Music school we cater for all ages and abilities and make learning music stimulating, enjoyable and fun. You can create music for your mobile phone or compose a film score – the possibilities at Agora International-Fabordón Music School are endless.


Fun in English Summer School

Get your child learning English in a fun and stimulating environment without having to go abroad. These classes are designed for full English language immersion whilst participating in a range of fun and exciting activities, helping kids to become more fluent and competent in English without it seeming like hard work.


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