International Events

International events are an essential part of the plan of studies at NACE Schools. They are included in one of our fundamental pillars as a school: Global Readiness.

Through international events, pupils have the opportunity to interact with students from other countries, to improve their language skills and to truly understand other points of view. International events also promote a sense of respect and tolerance, which is one of the values we encourage at our international private school.

Our international events take place over the course of the academic year and bring together pupils of 50 different nationalities. Some of the most noteworthy events in the school year are the NACE Olympics, International Music Week, the Global competition and the NACE Model United Nations.

NACE Schools International Events

NACE Model United Nations

This is a simulation of the UN where pupils represent the delegates from different countries and have debates in English on real problems of the world.

NACE Academic Olympics

Scientific, mathematical, IT and linguistic olympics where pupils from different schools have a friendly competition within an international and multilingual context.

NACE International Music Festival

Students from all the schools gather for a week to share and show their passion for the world of music in a professional way.

NACE Olympic Games

This is a sporting competition among pupils from different schools and countries that includes football, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming and athletics, among others.

NACE Arts Competition

A multidisciplinary art competition where pupils from all the NACE Schools network can exhibit their creativity and artistic skills with their creations.

Head Pupil Leadership Event

An event designed to develop leadership skills and confidence in public speaking with external speakers, workshops and team building activities.

NACE Football Cup

A football tournament for teams from schools belonging to the group.


“Our pupils’ all-round education wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t encompass all aspects of personal development: cognitive, physical, artistic, social… and through sport, we work on them all. Proof of this is the promotion of these activities, such as the Olympic Games, one of the most important events of the academic year in which the best athletes from all our schools compete in a wide variety of sports. All of this takes place in an atmosphere of friendship and togetherness, something which makes this an unforgettable experience for our pupils.”

Alberto Sánchez

P.E Teacher

Aviso Legal