Our Mission and Core Principles

+37 years of experience

in the field of international education

1 official Music School

100% pass rate in Cambridge

and Trinity board examinations

1 Centre for Fine and Dramatic Arts

100% pass rate

in Spanish University entrance examinations

+14 different sports played all year round

Our educational philosophy centres on four core values: Educational Excellence, Global Readiness, Co-curricular Excellence and an Education in Values.

Educational Excellence forms the foundation of our curriculum and is the principal focus of our teaching methodologies. Students are provided with the knowledge, skills and understanding necessary to fulfil their maximum intellectual and academic potential.

The second core value, fundamental to all Globeducate, is Global Preparation. Our schools offer an extensive range of foreign languages, with total immersion in the primary languages, to enrich and enhance our students’ learning experience. Most classes are taught in English, with additional classes in Chinese, French and German, by qualified native or bilingual teachers.

Our third core value is Co-curricular Excellence. In addition to the music lessons that form part of the main school curriculum, where all students learn an instrument, (with a particular emphasis on stringed instruments), we work in close collaboration with the Fabordón Music School. The Fabordón Music School is an official Elementary Music Conservatory, which caters for students who want to extend their musical skill, knowledge and understanding. We believe that sports and the creative arts also play a crucial role in the formation of well-rounded, well-educated individuals and these subjects therefore feature prominently in both our main curriculum and in our extracurricular programmes.

Finally, the schools belonging to the Globeducate Group share a common belief than an Education in Values is fundamental to educating confident, compassionate and well-rounded young people. We aim to provide our students with the skills they need to become independent citizens, capable of analytical and critical thought and with the ability to take their places as confident professionals in today’s global community. We believe that competence and fluency in language is crucial to achieve this goal. Similarly, we believe that our students should be taught how to use new technologies safely and efficiently, and ICT is incorporated into the curriculum as part of day-to-day learning at the school to improve performance and efficiency.

Educational Excellence

Educational Excellence at Agora International School Madrid is achieved by selecting the very best teaching and learning methodologies and by employing outstanding teaching staff. Our educational methodology is innovative, constantly evolving and supported by cutting edge technologies and our teaching staff are encouraged to engage in a continual process of training and updating their skills. All this results in teaching and learning programmes which provide our students with the very best opportunities for academic success.

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Global Preparation

At Agora International School Madrid plurilingualism is the key to preparing our students for success within the global community. We employ native or bilingual teachers, offer full linguistic immersion and access to internationally recognised qualifications. As part of the Globeducate Group we can also offer our students a wide range of international experiences, exchanges and events, connecting our students to other young people from around the world and opening their eyes to the enormous number of opportunities that exist for them within the wider global community.

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More than just a school

Our extensive extracurricular programme includes activities such as music, sports and creative and performing arts, which we believe are fundamental factors for integrated development. Extracurricular activities enable our students to acquire new physical, expressive, creative and intellectual skills and promote values ​​such as self-discipline, sensitivity, cooperation and teamwork. Students also get to learn in a more relaxed and fun environment and spend time with friends – no time to be bored!

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Education in Values

A strong foundation in values provides young people with the confidence, integrity and sincerity to lead a better world. At Agora International School Madrid concepts such as critical thinking, creativity, personal improvement, social commitment, respect, tolerance and responsibility form part of the learning process at every stage of our pupils’ education.

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“We invite you to form part of a community which passionately believes in the principles of international education, in the centrality of global mindedness and in how this enables our children to positively shape the world”

Gerard O’Donnell

Headmaster of Agora International School Madrid

“I have always known that the essence of the school is its teachers and their close and friendly relationships with us, the pupils. That’s why I will always remember the jokes in class, the trips and the off-topic conversations.”

Pablo Rodríguez Códes

Former Pupil

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