Values-based Education

Our teaching and learning methodologies are based upon an education in values, whereby students combine academic progress with personal development. Thanks to the guidance and experience of our highly qualified teachers, students are encouraged to achieve excellent academic results alongside personal growth and development. Teachers help students to become independent learners, to work cooperatively as part of a team and to think creatively and proactively. Essential skills such as effective communication, critical thinking and self-discipline are reinforced on a daily basis and all our children are encouraged to embrace the benefits and responsibilities of forming part of an international school community.

An Education in Values is a fundamental thread which permeates all our interactions and on a daily basis we focus on promoting skills such as critical thinking, creativity, self-improvement, social commitment, respect, tolerance and responsibility. We facilitate the use of new technologies in order to enable our students to access the best research and investigation tools, access to methodologies that assist with analysis and critical thinking and learn the most effective ways of presenting and organising their work. Through all these values ​​we help students to progress both academically and personally.


“Our educational project joins our pupils’ education in values and consolidation of critical and reflexive thought with active participation in interdisciplinary projects through the use of new technologies as tools for work in an international environment which favours their personal and academic growth.”

Mª Isabel Viejo Navarro

Secondary Key Stage Coordinator

Aviso Legal