Teaching and learning methodologies at Agora International School Madrid are designed to guide our students towards a global future. Students receive a broad and well-balanced academic and personal education supported by highly trained teachers and by the wider school community.

Our innovative curriculum encourages our students to study and learn independently, to work as a team and to think clearly and creatively, as well as reinforcing life skills such as communication, critical thinking and cooperation.

We work hard to ensure that our teaching and learning programmes are constantly updated to incorporate relevant new technologies and thus computer science plays an important part in all areas of the curriculum. Students are provided with specific and individualised study programmes to ensure that they achieve their maximum academic potential.

The constant presence and support of the Globeducate Group provides another source of richness in our curriculum, enabling our students to access and participate in a wide range of international events, exchanges and stays abroad at our sister schools.


“Twelve years as a pupil were more than enough to understand that it’s not just what’s written in books that’s important, but that pupils are the real protagonists in their own learning. Years of life-long friendships, of teachers who become our second parents, of knowledge which helps you to cement your construction of the world. Years which made me choose the world of teaching as my profession, and that today, as a qualified teacher still collaborating with the school from England, make me proud to be able to say that I am still part of this great family.”

Laura Jacob García-Asenjo

Former Pupil

“Our educational project joins our pupils’ education in values and consolidation of critical and reflexive thought with active participation in interdisciplinary projects through the use of new technologies as tools for work in an international environment which favours their personal and academic growth.”

Mª Isabel Viejo Navarro

Secondary Key Stage Coordinator

Aviso Legal