Global Readiness

Providing children with the opportunity to become fluent in several languages from an early age enhances cognitive development and provides innumerable life-long benefits. At Agora International School Madrid our students are educated in both Spanish and English, with further languages being introduced as the children progress though the school. Chinese is introduced into the curriculum at 3 years old and French and German at Secondary level.

Our ambitious linguistic programme forms the corner stone of our overall aim of educating our students to become citizens of the world, thoroughly prepared to continue their academic studies or commence their professional careers anywhere in the world. As AISM forms part of the Globeducate Group, our students get the unique opportunity to connect to Globeducate’s network of more than 50 schools located throughout 6 countries, access to overseas stays and exchanges and invitations to participate in an extensive range of international activities and events.


Multilingualism is central to the Globeducate philosophy, and fluency in English as a first foreign language is an integral and essential part of Agora International School Madrid’s educational vision. Children also learn Chinese from 3 years of age, as well as French and German at secondary level.

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Students at Agora International School Madrid are offered the opportunity to participate in short or long term overseas stays or exchanges with other Globeducate schools. Studying abroad helps to develop linguistic confidence and fluency in addition to benefits such as an awareness and acceptance of other cultures and traditions and establishing international friendships that will last a lifetime.

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International events

The Globeducate group organises a wide range of international activities and events, enabling our pupils to meet and establish friendships with students from over 30 other international schools. Globeducate events give children the opportunity to practise their language skills and to participate in a variety of stimulating musical, sporting and educational events and activities.

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International Baccalaureate

The IB is an internationally recognised university entrance qualification which is accepted at the most prestigious universities world-wide and studying for the IB at AISM ensures that, should our senior students choose to continue their studies abroad, they are fully prepared to do so. The IB not only offers an excellent academic qualification, but it is also designed to help young people to think critically and independently, providing them with the knowledge and understanding that they will need to thrive in an international environment.

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