More than just a school

At Agora International School Madrid, we believe that a successful education involves more than just a thorough academic training but should attend to the all-round development of each individual student. Extracurricular and co-curricular activities form an essential part of our educational programme, enabling our students to develop multiple intelligences, awakening curiosity, motivation and determination and engaging with their personal strengths and interests.

Music is a passion at Agora International School Madrid and we offer students the opportunity to learn music theory, play an instrument and to perform in concerts, choirs and orchestras. The School works in close collaboration with the Agora International-Fabordón Music School and benefits enormously from the exceptional quality of the teaching and the wide range of musical options that are on offer.

Sport also plays a vital role at Agora International School Madrid. Our sports department offers an extensive range of activities both within the mainstream curriculum and as extracurricular activites including football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, cricket, netball, sailing and horse riding. Participating in sporting activities not only promotes obvious health and physical benefits but helps our students to develop values ​​and skills such as teamwork, cooperation, leadership, perseverance and self-discipline.

Our students are also encouraged to participate in creative and artistic activities such as fine art, drama and dance. These subjects play an extremely important role in the all-round development of our pupils giving them the chance to explore their aptitude for creative and artistic subjects and to develop these particular skills. Artistic and aesthetic subjects provide an important outlet for creative thinking, a chance to “think outside the box”, to look at the world from a different perspective, and a vehicle for self-expression and channelling intellectual and emotional thought processes.


All students at Agora International School Madrid from Infant to Pre-University are offered the opportunity to develop their artistic and musical talents. Students learn at least one musical instrument to a level which allows them to continue to study music at a higher level should they choose to do so.

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Sport forms an integral part of both the curricular and extracurricular programmes at AISM. Beyond the obvious health and fitness benefits associated with physical activity, sport is an ideal vehicle for teaching students the values that we believe to be fundamental for personal development including teamwork, cooperation, leadership, discipline, determination and a sense of responsibility.

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Creative Arts

Creative Arts also play a key role in personal growth, and offer a wide range of physical, social and emotional benefits. Involvement in the arts helps to develop creative skills, sensitivity, and imaginative thinking, provide an opportunity for pupils to view life from a different perspective and to explore an alternative outlet for intellectual expression.

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