12 swimming courses for every ability

+5 major sports events every year

6 external league

sports club

+14 different sports

taught in Physycal Education each year

At Agora International School Madrid, sport is an important and integral part of the curriculum. The school is located in a beautiful natural environment ideally suited to sporting activity and perfect for participation in the wide range of sports and activities on offer. Sport provides a fun and exciting way to enjoy the benefits of physical activity whilst connecting with friends and classmates.

In addition to promoting an understanding of the importance of living a healthy and active life, the sports programmes at Globeducate are designed to help students develop values ​​such as perseverance, self-discipline, teamwork and cooperation. In Physical Education students are taught a wide range of games and sports including baseball, hockey, rugby, sports acrobatics, Dodgeball, badminton, Ping-Pong, Ultimate, 11 and 7-a-side football, tennis, judo, chess, basketball, volleyball and handball and participate in the “Physical Education Olympics”, which is a series of internal competitions held at the school.

Swimming at a recreational level is fun, sociable and healthy, and for safety reasons it is important that all children know how to swim. It is one of the best forms of exercise for all round physical development and an excellent competitive activity. At Agora International Madrid we take swimming seriously! Swimming forms part of the Physical Education curriculum from primary to the second year of secondary school and is offered as an after-school extracurricular activity for our three to six-year-olds.

The Agora International Sports Clubs enable students to participate in soccer, basketball and volleyball teams and to compete in both friendly fixtures and in Community of Madrid league matches. Numerous activities and sporting events are arranged throughout the school year including mountain hiking, bike trips through the “Casa de Campo”, bilingual Gymkhanas, a week skiing and snowboarding in Andorra, UNICEF charity events and internal school Sports Days. Our students also participate in the Globeducate Olympics, an international event organised by the Globeducate Group where students of many different cultures and nationalities meet up for friendly but hard-fought competition.


“Our pupils’ all-round education wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t encompass all aspects of personal development: cognitive, physical, artistic, social… and through sport, we work on them all. Proof of this is the promotion of these activities, such as the Olympic Games, one of the most important events of the academic year in which the best athletes from all our schools compete in a wide variety of sports. All of this takes place in an atmosphere of friendship and togetherness, something which makes this an unforgettable experience for our pupils.”

Alberto Sánchez

P.E Teacher

Aviso Legal