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Gerard O’Donnell

“We invite you to form part of a community which passionately believes in the principles of international education, in the centrality of global mindedness and in how this enables our children to positively shape the world”


“The school is the best I have ever been during the summer”


“I could make many friends. So I enjoyed my class very much! I studyed a lot of new things. So it was very good for me. I love ICS!”

Paula y Cova

“At Stonar we had three hours of class a day in the morning, with people of other nationalities. In the afternoon we had three activities, really fun ones, to choose from. We visited Oxford, London, Bath and Bristol. The teachers were really nice, we learn lots of English with them. IT WAS AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE!”

Paula Flores

«Trabajamos para que los niños sean felices, seguros y disfruten aprendiendo. Nuestro objetivo es el desarrollo sus las capacidades intelectuales, afectivas, emocionales, de expresión y comunicación, motoras, sociales y ético/morales. Que las adquieran de una manera globalizada, lúdica y vivencial. El juego es la fuente básica de aprendizaje y estimulación. A través de las Inteligencias […]

Marina Lillo García

“I began painting classes at the age of six and have been going every year since then, learning new things and becoming more and more interested in art. With all the paintings I have done in all these years, I could fill up a gallery, thanks to the teacher who has always encouraged me to […]

Mª Isabel López Calzada.

«Desarrollar una educación musical adecuada, nutritiva e intencionada desde la infancia, proporciona un mayor desarrollo neuronal que permita al alumno optar a un mejor progreso integral y a desarrollar la inteligencia y la autoestima. Es, sin duda, el mejor complemento en la formación de nuestros hijos.»


«Una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. Conocí a gente de Brasil, Portugal, Francia, Austria y China. Me abrió la mente el conocer culturas y costumbres diferentes y me enseñó que al mismo tiempo tenemos mucho en común. Aprendí a convivir, lo que me obligaba a hablar y mejorar mi inglés, a lo que […]


«Llevo dos años yendo a Gales (5º y 6º Primaria). Me gustó tanto que repetí. La dinámica era divertida y siempre teníamos el apoyo de dos profesores de nuestro colegio. Visitamos monumentos y ciudades que ampliaron nuestro conocimiento del mundo anglosajón.»

Alberto Sánchez

“Our pupils’ all-round education wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t encompass all aspects of personal development: cognitive, physical, artistic, social… and through sport, we work on them all. Proof of this is the promotion of these activities, such as the Olympic Games, one of the most important events of the academic year in which the […]

Eoghan Ryan

“My philosophy of English language learning is very simple. The language must be produced by the student in order to really learn how to truly communicate. With this in mind classes are based largely on speaking and writing. Reading is the other key component and so I try to provide stimulating material which will expose […]


“I’ve been at this school since I was three, and I owe them a lot, since practically everything I know is thanks to what I have learnt here and thanks to the attention and the explanations I received from the good teachers here at this school. It was last year that I understood this, when […]

Mª Isabel Viejo Navarro

“Our educational project joins our pupils’ education in values and consolidation of critical and reflexive thought with active participation in interdisciplinary projects through the use of new technologies as tools for work in an international environment which favours their personal and academic growth.”

Darío Ruiz

«Empecé en la Escuela Agora International-Fabordón a los cuatro años, fue genial y aprendí muchísimo. Ahora he acabado los estudios profesionales y me preparo para la prueba de ingreso en el conservatorio superior.»


“We all want quality. We can all demand QUALITY. However, this great family offers something more, something we can’t put a price on, something we can’t demand, something essential for them to grow up as extraordinary people: WARMTH.”

Irene Caro

“English classes are relaxed and informal. Each session is different to the others since we use English in different areas and topics, which is very interesting and motivating. We don’t just learn the language, but  reflect on the issue we have been dealing with. Definitely one of my favourite subjects.”

Pablo Rodríguez Códes

“I have always known that the essence of the school is its teachers and their close and friendly relationships with us, the pupils. That’s why I will always remember the jokes in class, the trips and the off-topic conversations.”

Cheryl. E Whitmill Pawson

“I have seen the school grow and change from being a family business into a modern, well equipped educational institution and I hope to be able to retire here one day as I have always been very happy in my profession and place of work.”

Sofía y Elena

“After so many years at the school as pupils, we know that its strong point is the teaching staff who, thanks to their excellent training, teach in a way which is easy to understand. We also want to point out their empathy and close relationships with the pupils.”

Cristina Villares

“The best thing about this school is, without doubt, the close relationships with the teachers and the rest of the school staff. You can be sure that with even the smallest problem you might have, you will never lack the help you need. The teachers are excellent.”

Laura Jacob García-Asenjo

“Twelve years as a pupil were more than enough to understand that it’s not just what’s written in books that’s important, but that pupils are the real protagonists in their own learning. Years of life-long friendships, of teachers who become our second parents, of knowledge which helps you to cement your construction of the world. […]

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